The ultimate marriage of cosmeceutical active ingredients with high quality CBD isolate. Formulated for visible results and based on ethical beliefs.


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The anti-inflammatoryanti-oxidantanti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties from high quality CBD isolate soothes, calms and balances the skin, making this an ingredient that is simply too hard to ignore. CBD is fast becoming the new superhero in skincare.

We have married cosmeceutical active ingredients and CBD into the one product range.
We believe this is a marriage made in skin heaven.
Want to know more about our ingredients?

We have married  cosmeceutical active ingredients and CBD into the one product range. We beleive this is a marriage made in skin heaven. Want to know more about the ingredients?

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Grass Roots Facial® is the world’s first CIBTAC endorsed CBD facial that uses a full range of Grass Roots Skin® cosmeceutical CBD skincare.  Combing a results driven treatment with deep relaxation brings you the facial everyone is talking about.
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behind the brand

Grass Roots® was the brain child of our three founders, Jo, Lyndsey and Zoe.
Business women from the beauty sector coming together to create something different, worthwhile, results driven and credible. Combing their talents, moral and ethical values, and a drive to positively disrupt the beauty industry, you get a brand worth watching out for.
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